Monday, December 14, 2009


KAMI MENCARI PARA LEADER TANGGUH untuk diajak menjalankan bisnis LIFEWAVE yang segera masuk Indonesia, kesempatan emas bagi yag mendapatkan informasi awal dari kami. Dengan bimbingan dan support perusahaan berskala INTERNATIONAL kami yakin anda dan bersama kami akan mencapai kesuksesan di bisnis ini, dan serta dukungan dengan pihak perusahaan.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Geonlabs2u worldwide e3commerce support Team

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Friday, February 27, 2009

Sign up to be Nuskin member

Website Replica Nuskin GWP
Bagi yang ingin mempromosikan nuskin secara internasional bisa menggunakan website seperti dibawah ini :

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Go Blue Faster Bottle Package

~ g3 2 Bottle Pack (x1)
~ LifePack 60s (x1)

Harga Rp.1.192.000

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

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Mengapa team Kami focus dengan TRA Nuskin Product?

Nuskin have more than 400+ of products so dont worry there is a big selection, but ultimately, to build a big network, you'll have to specialize on one product and make it your main sponsoring story,then only with that it can be duplicated.

The beauty with Nuskin is that its an established and innovative company, they focus on the health and antiaging market. How our team are able to progress fast is due to this weight loss program TRA which we specialize :
1. weight loss is a big market.
2. it is a big set, hence easily helping you and your team advancing in pin titles.

First asia country to launch TRA product is Taiwan in 2005,then indonesia was nearly a year and half ago, and thailand around the same time, Singapore was in August 2007, and Malaysia will launch in April 2009.

All traning/seminar will provide by Success Together University.

Mengapa Harus Gabung dengan Team Nuskin Kami ?

Kami ada bagian dari team STWW (Success Together Worldwide) yang merupakan terbesar di Asia.Meskinpun Nuskin dimulai dari Amerika, tetapi pemimpin STWW, Rayne Ho and Angela Lew,memecah record dunia yang tercepat mencapai USD 5 million circle member. Kalau anda ingin cepat sukses di nuskin dan tidak melalui cara biasa, dengan dukungan perusahaan, product,marketing plan, dan support system, maka anda tidak salah bergabung dengan kami.
Untuk yang berada di Indonesia silahkan sms 081331603988, sedangkan yang di Malaysia bisa sms 0178895867.